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1. 'Compagnie des Wagons-Lits' Logo and Brand  

The golden logo with 2 lions, together with the full brand name 'Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens' was affixed on the sides of all CIWL luxury trains: the Orient Express, the Blue Train, the Golden Arrow ...  All these trains were showing proudly the golden wagons-Lits logo, that appears on all photos and archive documents of CIWL, making it so familiar to the public wordwide.

This golden crest logo, also called Wagons-Lits monogram, still evokes the summum of luxury and confort of travelling in the golden years of the 1920's.

Wagons-Lits Diffusion controls the brand for a large variety of classes of products, such as media and publishing, toys and games, luxury products, etc... Apart from these classes, other companies still use the Wagons-Lits brand for their historical activities (as detailed below). For any question, contact us



2. WL Diffusion digital Photothèque of old photos, advertising posters, plans and archives 

Since it was created in 1876, CIWL has accumulated a huge volume of all kinds of historical and communication archives. Wagons-Lits Diffusion has spent ressources and energy to digitalize and make this material available to those who care about this fantastic adventure of CIWL luxury trains.

Wagons-Lits Diffusion has dedicated ressources to find and digitalized a rich image database of more than 20 000 digital photos, including CIWL posters, communication and commercial documents, plans of CIWL rolling stock, or plans of luxury objects that were displayed on-board luxury trains.

Most international publishers and researchers regularly use our Image Database for their publications or other media uses.

You can browse through a selection of our archives visuals in our various Photo Albums. Most visuals are available for licensing or (c) contracts.


3. Collection of advertizing travel posters of PLM (Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée)    

PLM sa, a company created in the 1857, developed the most extensive railway and hotel company in France throughout the XIXe and XXe century. In order to advertize its services to the public, PLM published more than 800 commercial posters, thus creating a specific artistic 'genre' characteristic of PLM and of French touristic resorts 'à la belle époque'. Some of these posters are still known worldwide for their special graphic representation.

The history of PLM and Cie des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) are closely linked, as PLM SA was absorbed by CIWL in the 1980's, then by ACCOR SA in 1991.

You can see the integral collection of all PLM posters on this site, or search images with the search engine. For most of these posters, we dispose of good quality photo in digital format. The PLM brand and the database are available at WL Diffusion for publishing and other uses. Contact us for more info.

Respecting authors' rights:  since 1876 and during 130 years, Compagnie des Wagons-Lits has commissioned the best artists in order to create its world famous poster collection. Wagons-Lits Diffusion still works jointly with ADAGP, the French association representing most graphic artists in France, in full respect of artists' right owners.


4. The famous names of CIWL luxury trains: Orient-Express, Blue Train, Golden Arrow, Nord Express...

CIWL has created many connections between European capitals since 1872. For each connection, CIWL attributed a specific name. For example, Orient-Express was the name of the CIWL train connecting Paris to Constantinople (now Istanbul). Other famous names are: the Blue Train, Golden Arrow, North Star, Nord Express...

All these names of CIWL luxury trains are still widely known in the public and epitomize confort and luxury, associated with traveling (see the list of LUXURY EXPRESS TRAINS  of CIWL). 

It must be noted that CIWL communication was always centered on the famous golden Wagons-Lits logo, with full CIWL name appearing on side of each wagon. The name of the train never appears on the train itself (see picture above).

WL Diffusion licenses only concern the CIWL brand and golden logo with 2 lions (the monogram). We don't license the name of the trains.

For any question, contact us: contact


5. Other companies authorized to use the brand Compagnie des Wagons-Lits:

The Wagons-Lits Group (CIWLT) was taken over by the ACCOR Group in 1991. All CIWLT divisions were then integrated in the ACCOR Group, European leader in hospitality. Then ACCOR divested most CIWLT's activities to other groups, concentrating only on the hotel activity. Most of these divested activities keep the rights on CIWL brand for their particular business. Here are the main activities still using the WL brand:

          WAGONS-LITS DIFFUSION: controls the use of the Wagons-Lits brand and logo on a wide variety of uses, such as printing, publishing, cinema, games/toys, luxury products... 


           NEWREST: controls the use of the brand for on-board catering and restaurants. NEWREST, European leader in catering, took over the CIWL' rail services in 2010.



           GROUPE CARLSON WAGONLIT: controls the use of the brand for travel agencies. CARLSON, world leader, took over CIWL's agencies in 2008.



            ORIENT-EXPRESS HOTELS: controls the use of the brand for luxury hotels and other classes. Since 2018, this subsidiary of ACCOR plans to launch a chain of Orient Express Hotels



            ORIENT-EXPRESS luxury train: Venice Simplon Orient Express, bought by LVMH in 2019 


            ACCOR SA: still owns CIWLT and the rights for activities that have not been divested to the above companies 




For any request or futher information, please contact Wagons-Lits Diffusion: contact