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Photo Album

  • CIWL Archive Photos

    Our CIWL and PLM archive Database, digitalized by Wagons-Lits Diffusion, is rich of  more than twenty thousands photos and visuals featuring all aspects of luxury travel since 1876, including CIWL's most famous train: the Orient-Express. Contact us for any utilisation (publishing, cession of (c), transfer of HiDef files) .   (c) and TM Wagons-Lits Diffusion, all rights reserved.

  • Celebrities onboard CIWL

    Movie celebrities, kings and queens, other public figures: they all travelled onboard CIWL luxury trains. Database of WL Diffusion's archives is rich of thousands of photos and visuals featuring all aspects of luxury travel since 1876. Contact us for any use (publishing, cession of (c), licenses) .    (c) and TM Wagons-Lits Diffusion, all rights reserved.

  • CIWL Plans & Archives

    Thousands of archives papers from CIWL archive are now digital and can be viewed on-line from Wagons-Lits Diffusion's image database.

  • CIWL Advertising Posters

    Since 1876, Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits ordered more than 500 posters advertizing its luxury trains in Europe. We present hereunder an important part of this collection, available for reproduction or publishing.  (c) Wagons-Lits Diffusion ou (c) Wagons-Lits Diffusion / ADAGP ou (c) Wagons-Lits Diffusion / Cassandre For any request: contact

  • PLM Advertising Posters

    The collection of PLM advertising posters is probably the most important in Europe, for the number of existing visuals as well as for its graphic quality. We present hereunder the most exhaustive inventory of the collection, with more than 800 visuals identified in our database archive. view PLM posters by scrolling the list below  or search a poster on the map of France (click on dynamic map) or use the Search Engine (top right)    For any request, contact us                                                                                                                                                                               ​ (c) and TM: tous droits réservés PLM / Wagons-Lits Diffusion / Adagp, Paris.