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History of PLM company/ Paris Lyon Méditerranée:

Since 1857, PLM company had the exclusive concession of rail transport in the region between Paris, the Alps and the Mediterranean coast, later called Côte d'Azur. The Rothschild family was the main driver behing the development of PLM into the most important French railway operator.

Thanks to modern poster publicity for train travels and hotels in touristic destinations, PLM actively participated in the development of tourism in the French Alps and Côte dAzur. First with wealthy English aristocrats, then with French tourists after 1900.

After the nationalisation of all railway companies in 1937 and the creation of SNCF, PLM company continued its activities focusing in tourism and hotels development. PLM was later absorbed by CIWL and the Accor hospitality group who took over PLM hotels.

 PLM-CotedAzur-Soleil.jpg    plm-chamonixsauteurs.jpg

 In order to advertize these touristic destinations, PLM ordered from the 1850 till 1930's more than 800 advertizing posters to famous artists, thus creating a strong imaginary representation of  French vacation resorts 'à la belle époque'. The PLM Collection of touristic posters is now reknown worldwide as one of the richest for its diversity and artistic quality, representing touristic villages from the French Alps to the Côte d'Azur. 

PLM (Paris Lyon Méditerranée) is particularly well suited for licenses of touristic products, sold in these regions such as Chamonix or Monaco. Most villages and cities from the Alps to the Côte d'Azur are represented in the PLM Collection (Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Chamonix, Megève...)



Visual Supports of PLM concept: PLM logo and brand registered worldwide; more than 800 posters available (some of them known worldwide); Copyrights managed jointly with ADAGP (Association representing most French Graphic Artists)

Over the last years, Wagons-Lits Diffusion has searched PLM and Wagons-Lits vast archives in order to make a precise inventory of all existing PLM posters. This complete inventory is now available for viewing and licensing in PLM ADVERTIZING POSTERS DATABASE (publicly accessible on this website: per city/touristic destination (recherche par ville) or directly on the Map of France (recherche sur la Carte de France ).

 This huge task of inventory and digitalization allows us to provide more than 400 HiQuality images of PLM posters. Every year, we manage to complete this inventory with new HiDef images. our objective is to be able to propose the entire PLM Collection for Publishers and other licensees. See Intellectual Property (c)&TM