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7. CONDITIONS OF USE : Licenses, Copyright, Co-branding, Partnerships

Wagons-Lits Diffusion manages the rights concerning ancient CIWL and PLM brands, and related intellectual properties. Brands are registered worldwide. Compagnie des Wagons-Lits has been declared a 'marque notoire' by French Courts, which reinforces its protection.

Reproduction of CIWL brand, logo or archive documents are forbidden without written authorization from WL Diffusion.

 Any use of the brand or explicit reference to CIWL brand image for commercial purpose is forbidden without written authorization from WL Diffusion.

Any non authorized use exposes your company or your distributors to legal pursuits and other consequences in application of international laws concerning registered brands and Intellectual Properties.

WL Diffusion will answer to any kind of request respecting the values of CIWL brand and respecting other moral rights.

Concerning WL and PLM posters, Wagons-Lits Diffusion respects author's rights through a one-stop agreement with ADAGP (French Graphic properties association), whereby WLDiffusion and ADAGP share the reporting information and subsequent IP rights whenever applicable.

Wagons-Lits Diffusion now disposes of a digital archive photo library of more than 6 000 photos from the vast CIWL archives. This phototheque is accessible for professional publishers. As of today, this phototheque is not accessible to individuals, but a large selection can be viewed through this website.

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