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How to Organize a CIWL Exhibition?

   Fig: Monogramme CIWL 

From all over the world, museums, private foundations or public exhibition centers regularly contact us with projects of public exhibitions about the fascinating history of Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) or the history of its famous luxury trains.

Since 1990, many such exhibitions have been presented to the public, always receiving enthusiast crowds of visitors, thus maintaining intact the image of CIWL and its famous trains. You can see where the main exhibitions took place in Europe on clicking below on Carte des Expositions CIWL

    Fig: Carte des Expos      

To be sure, the history of CIWL is particularly rich, having developped as early as the end of the XIXe century the most modern network of luxury trains, travel agencies and palace-hotels in Europe and Asia. This allows multiple angles for exhibition themes around this universally reknown adventure.

Fig: L'Orient Express en 1930 

This history is largely documented in our CIWL archive database, rich of more than 10 000 archive photos, plans, advertising posters and other commercial documents. Moreover, a large variety of historical pieces are available under specific conditions to be exposed to the public: original CIWL posters, objects, silverware, glassware, furniture, Lalique decorative panels, original train agency models, CIWL interior compartment (real size)... All pieces well preserved since they were retired from CIWL services as luxury trains activity slowly disappeared until the end of the 1980's.

Since 2011, when CIWLT sold most of its heritage at the much publicized Chistie's auction sale in Paris, Wagons-Lits Diffusion organized a networks of experts and CIWL collectors, allowing us to meet all kinds of projects that are submitted to us.

   Fig: Catalog of  CIWL's auction sales at Christie’s in 2011


You can find below more information on some of the main exhibitions organized since the 1990's:

Fig: recent exhibitions (click)



As an illustration of available heritage pieces for exhibitions, you can discover hereunder a part of the Collection of AP TRAINLUXE Association, who contributed to many recent exhibitions related to CIWL history or about the Orient Express, CIWL's most famous train: 'il était une fois l'Orient Express' in Paris in 2014, Museum of Montreal in 2016, Clichy Town hall in 2017 or 'Agatha Christie and the Orient' at the British Museum in London, 2002.

To discover a selection of this unique collection, Click on the image below:

Fig: Présentation de la Collection AP TRAIN LUXE



Whatever your project concerning CIWL, we will study it and, if appropriate, propose the best expertise and adequate heritage content. For any request, contact us

Wagons-Lits Diffusion can coordinate the different aspects for organizing such exhibitions:
-licensing CIWL IP rights on brands and reproduction rights
-expertise on CIWL history, redaction of catalogues and notices
-use of WLD database of more than 10 000 archive photos, advertising posters, plans...
-loan of CIWL historical objects, furniture, train interiors, CIWL models of trains...
-publishing rights and reproduction of licensed products bearing the logo
-contacts in CIWL world amateurs